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Bula, kava, tranquility and frogs

Where do you go when you can’t take another minute of politics, gas prices are close to $7/gallon, you’ve had a headache for two weeks and you have 85K airline miles that are about to expire? Fiji. At nearly 11 hours, the flight from Los Angeles on Fiji Airways was the longest flight I’ve ever […]

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Pursuing Passions and Pura Vida

When I’m not working, I devote as much time as I can to my personal passions: aerial arts, surfing, spending time in nature and traveling. Costa Rica is where they all intersect. On my first visit to Costa Rica (pre-aerial and pre-surfing), I did all the touristy things. Watched Arenal Volcano erupt in molten lava […]

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The (Very Scenic) Route to Yosemite

After more than two decades of living in California, I finally made it to Yosemite National Park. Actually, I almost didn’t. That’s why this blog, which originally was going to be about Yosemite, is now about the importance of research, road trip snacks and making the most of plans gone awry. And, signage. We mapped […]

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